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aim_blind's Journal

Leah Ross
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As a runaway on the streets of Liverpool, Leah Ross developed a knack for improvisation and ingenuity; how to take a hit and just as importantly, how to avoid being hit. With excellent hand-eye coordination and natural marksmanship, she could not only hold her own but also began waging her own private war against the gangs that made the streets so dangerous.

Until she drew the notice of Londoner William Creswick - the Archer.

As sometimes happens when spirited orphans meet resourceful men who are secretly masked vigilantes, Leah was taken under Creswick's wing and she soon became a master at ranged weaponry, favouring for herself the crossbow and slingshot, to which she added her own inventions and earned her own codename as Trickshot.

As she grew older, Leah found herself wanted to branch out on her own, and when she decided she was too old to be Trickshot, she kissed her father goodbye and returned to her home city, determined to fight crime on her own under the name Recurve.

Less than three months after assuming that name, the parahuman known as Avalanche put out both her eyes.

Completely blinded, Leah was unable to cut the ties that bound her to the world of heroes, and never wanted to. She was soon involving herself by continually inventing and improving gadgets, and her knack for improvisation soon had people asking her for advice both in and out of the field.

She became the Innovator.

Leah is in her twenties, slight but athletic, blonde and completely blind: her eyes were almost completely destroyed and the scar tissue over her sockets has healed. She has no special meta abilities, and relies on her other four senses, although she does have a good special awareness and a lot of combat training.

Her greatest asset is her quick, creative brain. An improviser rather than a creator, she prides herself as much on her independence from technology as from other people.

This is probably going to turn out to be a mistake.


Leah is a fictional character from an 'original' (if homage-laden) Superhero universe.